Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet White Bolt and Blaiz

The All New Honda City i-Vtec is undoubtedly the best in the class in all fields. Be it engine refinement, performance, power, handling, exterior looks, interior space, quality equipment or anything ! Honda has set a benchmark with it's i-Vtec engines and the ANHC always made me drool whenever it passed by me. So when I eventually got to lay my hands on this awesome mean machine, my joy knew no bounds !
The Mahindra Renault Logan was bought to replace our ageing Hyundai Santro ZipPlus which had served us extremely well for almost a decade ! The Logan is a very sturdy car and all it's parts are very solidly built. It's suspension and shock absorption is outstanding and the 1.6L engine revs up like a comet !
White Bolt is the name of my beloved Honda City i-Vtec and Blaiz is the name of the Mahindra Renault Logan that we have ! The name 'White Bolt' was selected because of the ANHC's taffeta white color and 'shooting arrow' design. The Logan is named 'Blaiz' after Ghost Rider's Johnny Blaze ! Both these cars are loved dearly by me and I take extensive steps to take care of them so that they shine as they did when they had arrived ! Both of these white colored speed machines have been fitted with lots of extra fittings..
White Bolt is all armed with reverse sensors, bass tube, automatic window roll-up etc, whereas additional sound fittings were not required as Honda has provided the *best* stock sound system in this car ! Blaiz too has got automatic window roll-up and it is also fitted with an LPG kit to save us from the sudden price-hikes in petrol bombed by our caring government.. Blaiz has been fitted with a bombastic music system all geared up with a Pioneer 10" sub-woofer, JBL speakers, Sony amplifier, Sony Xplod HU and Renault stock front speakers..
Recently I bought a lot of car care products such as an electric polisher, sealants, wax, polish, rubbing compounds, clay and other materials which would preserve the finesse of these vehicles..
In this blog, I would be regularly updating the status of Bolt and Blaiz along with tips on car care and proper procedure for car maintenance..!
Here are a few pics for the start !

White Bolt !

Blaiz !

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