Thursday, June 21, 2012

Drizzle On The Glass

Today the sky was cloudy since early morning and there was heavy rainfall too !! The monsoon season has begun and the intermittent rains are a good signal that this torturous summer is coming to an end..
So, I was driving to office and suddenly I saw the clouds above and was immediately smitten by the scenic beauty..! Although I was driving, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the beauty of nature.. The slight drizzle, cloudy sky, wet roads, greenery and the cool breeze made it a magical experience ! So I quickly took out my phone, steadily held the steering wheel with one hand and took a snap with the other one followed by the phone being thrown on the passenger seat to retain control over the car !
Here is the pic (a bit blurry due to my concentration being divided)

A weather like this makes you want to just drift your car towards unknown lanes and get lost in paths untraveled. Solitude engulfs the mind and suddenly you realize the beauty of life around you.. That is what I felt today and it was a small unforgettable sweet experience..

Warning: Stunt performed by expert. Using phone while driving can be dangerous. Do Not Try.

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